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Seal System Retrofit

Replace your existing vertical bagger seal assembly with the patented NAS low temperature, low energy sealing system for higher production efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

The NAS seal assembly seals most polyethylene films at low temperatures, around 200 to 240 degrees, eliminating film build up on the seal bars and greatly extending the life of the seal bar and the heater cartridge. This system also eliminates the need for a back-up heater or Teflon® back-up tape. All of these equate to a substantial reduction in maintenance expenses and increase your production efficiency. Most NAS customers are experiencing at least a 4 year seal bar life.

The retrofits are available in various sealing assembly sizes from a 20" horizontal up to a 66" horizontal and a 14" vertical up to a 24" vertical, as single and dual sealing heads, and as trimmed or trimless vertical seal bars.

The retrofit includes:

  • The complete NAS seal assembly (single or dual head)
  • A welded steel sub-frame insert or main base frame to fit most vertical baggers
  • NAS film feed assist for trimless applications

The retrofit uses your existing bagger:

  • Frame and uprights
  • Film delivery system
  • FRL and solenoid bank
  • PLC/Controls
  • Trim take up system for trimmed bags

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